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Lightbuckets – Starting a YouTube channel!

Well, I’ve done it now!  About a year ago, I started a YouTube channel called Lightbuckets and figured I would put some review videos up and see how it worked.  Since then I’ve gotten better with graphic design and I’m starting to get the hang of making better videos.  I’ve made two videos in the […]



As you can tell from the rest of this site, I’ve had a love affair with cameras for some time.  In 2019, I made a horrible mistake.  I bought a telescope and dove into astrophotography.  I recently had acquired my trusty Nikon D3400, and figured maybe I could put the two together and take some […]


Jupiter – First Astronomy Pictures

This is the first image that I stitched together of Jupiter from May 31, 2019!   It was only 520,600,319 miles away at the time.  Although Saturn was the first picture I ever constructed, this was the first planet I ever saw through a telescope.  In the ongoing debate of which is planet is better, I’m […]


Saturn – First Astronomy Pictures

This picture of Saturn was taken on May 31 2019.  I can say without a doubt that this is when I fell head over heals for astronomy.  Even with an inexpensive and small telescope, seeing Saturn’s rings for the first time is a mesmerizing experience. Being my first picture of another planet, all the research […]