Well, I’ve done it now!  About a year ago, I started a YouTube channel called Lightbuckets and figured I would put some review videos up and see how it worked.  Since then I’ve gotten better with graphic design and I’m starting to get the hang of making better videos.  I’ve made two videos in the past few weeks, and have a pretty good plan for my third.  This stuff is SO MUCH more work than I thought it would be!  Kinda fun though…

YouTube appears to be the easiest platform to get the content out there, but the most difficult platform to get people directed to it!  My Astromania unboxing video has around 30 views after a year.  Looks like I need to get some form of promotion going in order to find any views.  Reddit, Pintrest, and Instagram are my first thoughts.  I remember trying to get around the Amazon algorithm and that was quite the hassle.  Google is WAY more advanced with their algos!  Still, I think I can do this.  And I’m going to try to keep it fun while I do!

Maybe sometime I’ll even start making B4rent vids!  I’ve hear that unfocused channels are a bad idea, but then again I’ve never been one to conform to the social systems anyways.  I could cover everything from automotive, pool, content creation, photography, electronics, woodworking, philosophy… I’ve also been wanting to make memorial videos to my friends and family of past.  I don’t know why, but I think it would be good!

But anyways, we’re getting off topic here…what are some ideas for future Lightbuckets videos?
Review and unboxing vids of stuff I get (should I accept promotionals?)
Target acquisition and processing
How to’s for…everything
Some ‘deep thoughts’ vids like the understanding of how HUGE everything is
A blending of all of this and whatever else I can muster up!

We’ll just have to see where this adventure leads us!

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