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Lightbox Plugin

This was my rant about a trend from the early days of ‘web 2.0’ websites and their overuse of lightbox. Things seem to have changed for the better since then, but a rant was due: “Millions of people can’t be wrong!” I once made the mistake of blurting this phrase to my coworker.  The reply […]

These pesky databases

I remember a time when a webpage was a cool thing to make. Back when HTML was king and Google wasn’t in the dictionary.  Databases didn’t really exist yet…or so I thought.  I had a family member ask me if I knew anything about Foxpro in regards to an employment opportunity.  Naturally I said I […]

Wit Wisdom and Eloquence

Every once in a while, I encounter a stray thought that wrestles with my consciousness for all eternity.  The spoken word has always intrigued me.  After reading from the book: “Wit Wisdom and Eloquence” by Col. Robert G Ingersoll, I realized that some people have the gift of gab. I’m not one of them…Yet. As […]


All things wheeled

This rant actually started with my very first webpage. When I switched over to WordPress I had to give it a title. Somehow my mind brewed up ‘All things wheeled’ as a good phrase. I really didn’t think that this blurb could survive as long as it has, but there you go! From a short […]