This rant actually started with my very first webpage. When I switched over to WordPress I had to give it a title. Somehow my mind brewed up ‘All things wheeled’ as a good phrase. I really didn’t think that this blurb could survive as long as it has, but there you go! From a short filler paragraph to a full blown post of it’s own in just 20 years. Maybe sometime I can find that original webpage. I really have come a long ways since the days of Netscrape and simple HTML stuff!

There is actually quite a bit of story condensed into this post. I really just needed to fill some space much like what I’m doing with this paragraph. Maybe someday I will have to elaborate on this. It deserves a much better rant than this. After all, it is one of those firmly burned in images in my mind. Until then, enjoy ‘all things wheeled’!

Some time ago I thought it would be a great idea to put a 302 v8 into my little 88 Ford Ranger. After buying a “302 Boss” engine and finding out that it was actually a 351 Winzor, this fantasy of mine crash landed.

So I bought my ’84 Camaro. You wouldn’t believe it but it’s not easy to find a v8 T-top Camaro with a stick shift. I did. After leaving me stranded time and time again I acquired my most charismatic car of them all: the 1980 Toyota Corolla hatchback. Golden brown in color and with a black rattle canned hood this little beast propelled me from point A to B with the most faux pas style imaginable. Mother hated the car then…and still hates it to this day. In Vegas I needed to have a newer car that would be reliable and pass the smog sniffers at the same time so I scored with my 06 Hyundai Elantra.

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