I had never seen an East Coast Sunrise before visiting Hawaii! As a West coast resident I’ve always enjoyed watching the sun fall into the Pacific ocean. I figured that someday I would see the sun rise over the Atlantic ocean. I’ve never really been in a rush for it, but now I’m getting a little curious.

My stay in paradise lasted for 9 wonder filled days. In that time, I enjoyed being a tourist more than ever in my life. Living in Las Vegas changed my perspective of tourists, and I try to be avoid the cliché as much as possible. All of that changed the instant I stepped foot on that island. And there was nothing I could do to stop it!

I had been invited by a lifelong friend to stay at his place and visit. Although I knew exactly how annoying it is to play tour guide, I am very grateful for the tour. Even my hike to the summit of Koko head! The sheer number of memories that stacked up in those nine days is still mind boggling. One of those memories is the night we stayed at Bellows on the east side of the island. It was almost like having a private resort all to ourselves! Our view out the window was the ocean, and I took this picture from the back porch with a Nikon Coolpix L22.

I’m not by any means a morning person. I’d much rather stay awake and experience the night than have to wake up early with a groggy head. Anyone who has known me over the years can bear testimony to that! But that night a stray thought rattled though my head: If I wake up extra early I could get a picture of the sun rising over the ocean. I wouldn’t have to wait for a visit to the Atlantic after all! The resulting image is proof of my first East coast sunrise!


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