It took 12 hours of driving to get this picture of a palm tree sunset.  While visiting a friend in San Luis Obispo (SLO), we ventured out to Pismo Beach and watched the sun fall into the Pacific.  Pismo is the kind of word that deserves a special pronunciation, such as Pish-Moe  or Pizz-Shmoe!  Anyways, I really enjoyed that trip, the company, and the photos I got to take on the way.

San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas are one of the few places that I would like to live these days.  California has some of the highest tax rates in the nation, but to live in this area might make it worth the troubles.  According to the great Googler, the cost of living in SLO is over 150% of the national average.  This is probably because of the extraordinary foods, spectacular weather, beautiful beaches, and good times around every corner.  I would love to retire here sometime if I become a millionaire!

Speaking of the beaches, these are some of the best beaches I’ve ever dug my toes into!  And as you can see, sunsets around here are never going to disappoint!  I don’t think it even gets cold either.  The surrounding farmlands and orchids provide fresh foods to the local farmers market!   It runs every Thursday night and it’s actually quite an experience to be had!  Don’t forget to bring your appetite!

After living in Oregon for so long, I’ve really come to the realization that tree types matter.  It’s one thing to be able to frame a view from a patch of surrounding bushy trees, but palm trees don’t grow often here.  Getting a picture of a palm tree sunset is something of an accomplishment for me, and I’d like to get more of them.  Maybe it’s the elegance of the branch-less trunks.   Maybe it’s the lack of that pine smell.  Or maybe it’s the lack of sap that gets all over your car.  Either way, I love palm trees almost as much as I love this area!

Captured with the Nikon Coolpix L22.

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