Koosah Falls Wide Angle

About half way between Sahalie falls and Carmen reservoir on the McKenzie river lies the 70ft tall Koosah Falls. The views of this waterfall are getting progressively difficult as the surrounding trees do what they do best. With a little persistence however, a good camera shot is still possible.

Koosah falls has 3 easily accessed viewpoints from the eastern side. One is right at the top of the falls, watching the water fall over. The next is just a short jaunt away with a decent side view of the falls and the last viewpoint is another short jaunt down the trail where where the view is getting even more hindered my the forest. The other side of the river has another viewpoint, but it is far more dangerous as there are no guard rails. More pictures can be found below as well as in my (future) Sahalie Falls post. Between the two falls are plenty of other photography targets as well!

As I have said in other posts, I consider this area my back yard of sorts. Just to the north of these falls is Clear lake and the oddly named Fish lake. I say oddly named as I’ve never seen water in that lake! Also worth noting is that the McKenzie River Trail starts across the highway from Fish lake. The trail will lead you on a 26.4 mile marathon of trails through some of the greatest forest that ever existed To the east of that trail are the Three Sisters mountains, and another prime tourist attraction – the Dee Wright Observatory. Koosah falls is just a beginning to all of the attractions of this area!

Since this is one of my favorite places to be around, I’ve taken MANY pictures, and I just can’t make a post for every one, so here are a few more just for fun!

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