Just to the north of Sahalie and Koosah falls, lie the deep blue waters of Clear lake. With no motorized boats allowed, this lake is a kayaker’s dream! Don’t have a kayak? The lodge at the north end of the lake rents out Rowboats and kayaks. Trout are stocked annually, which assures a great fishing experience. I personally have never came home without filling my limit. Divers are also welcome to explore the sunken forests at the bottom of the lake. The trees stay intact and preserved due to the near freezing water.

At the south end of the 142 acre lake lie the 34 campsites of Coldwater Cove. They fill up fast, so make sure to call ahead! The main lodge also rents out cabins. The 4.6 mile Clear Lake Loop Trail is family friendly, and provides stunning views of the lake. Whether you’re diving in the lake’s clear blue water, wandering the luscious old growth forests, or traversing the 3000 year old jagged lava flows, this lake is full of possibilities!

The high Cascades area is extensive and vast with a new adventure hiding behind every turn. There are a few things that you might want to be aware of however. Cautious driving is always a good idea, but with the high population of deer it becomes much more significant. In the Summer time, the forest becomes very dry and combustible. As such, fire bans are frequent and becoming more common. Bees like to hide their nests in fallen tree trunks that once trodden on will become a swarm of stinging fury. You can guess how I know that one!

Although Clear lake is a spectacular destination, other attractions nearby are also noteworthy. My personal favorites are Sahalie and Koosah falls, Carmen reservoir , Dee Wright observatory, and Tamolitch falls. A more complete list might include Suttle lake, Big lake, Lost lake, Nash Crater, Smith reservoir, Trail Bridge reservoir, Belknap springs , Metoulious river, Black Butte ranch, and the nearby township of Sisters. I recommend visiting every place you can find the time for. When you run out of time, I’m betting that you’ll already be planning your next visit!

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