This is a quick snapshot of my Mom’s past dog Victoria.  Whereas some dogs have no personality, this one had an abundance!  She seemed more like a character out of Charlie Brown.  This picture is actually kind of unique in that she was not wearing a bow or any ‘accessories’ that day.  I used to think that putting bows in a dog’s fur was kinda mean, but this dog LOVED it!  Maybe she liked it because it kept the fur out of her eyes!

Being a heavyweight of the Maltese breed, she had the trademark long white hair.  An interesting fact about the Maltese is that they don’t shed.  Maltese are also considered to be a lap dog, but not this one.  I would actually consider Vicky to be a ‘neck’ dog as that was her favorite spot to lay on.  She loved to jump to the back of your chair and snuggle up to your neck…sometimes like a parrot and sometimes like a necklace!  With any other dog this might be an irritating move or maybe even a comical one depending on the dog.  Victoria just seemed to belong there.

One of my favorite moves was to drag her around by her toys.  She wasn’t tolerant of getting too rough, but she loved to get the occasional growl on.  Being pushed around on her back would send her into ‘rocket’ mode while she ran at top speed bouncing off furniture like she was in a bouncy castle.  Other than that, I think the picture says it all.  As if she says “What cha doin’ over here?  Can I join?”  Although she wasn’t my dog, I did think of her as a member of the family.  I’m pretty sure mom got her better food than when I was growing up!  I’ve never seen a more spoiled dog!  Trillium came in a close second, but that’s another story altogether!

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