As someone who is obsessed with things that riches could buy, I must say the Pittock Mansion is AWESOME!!! Henry Pittock really knew what he was doing!

The Pittock Mansion finished constructed in 1914 and served as home to Henry and his family.  Henry was responsible for the transformation of ‘The Oregonian’ newspaper into a booming success. The estate couldn’t have found a better view and the amenities of the mansion are ages ahead of their time.  Henry’s shower for example sprayed mist 360° around the chest and had a rainfall shower head. The number of fireplaces surely kept the chimney sweeps busy.  They even had an elevator that still works today! I will definitely be going back to this Portland Oregon masterpiece to get ideas for my future mansion.

Everything about this place exudes elegance with its 16,000 square feet of breathtaking craftsmanship. The entryway marble is the kind that you would expect to see at a state capital and the herringbone wood floors are astounding. The stairways possess an unspeakable degree of grace and grandeur. And don’t be afraid to look up, as every inch of this house deserves a second or maybe even a third look.

This place is actually much closer to that Downton Abbey show than one might expect. Although it’s missing the upsairs/downstairs principal, the functional parts of the house are clearly meant for work. I don’t mean to say that the utilitarian side of the house was cheap, the double sinks are AMAZING after all! The stainless steel sink industry would be wise to take a design note from them!

And that doesn’t even include the grounds and their 46 acres worth of flower gardens and hiking paths. Being high in the West Hills of Portland, the views will take your breath away. This is one of those places that you simply can’t understand until you’ve experienced it firsthand.

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